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Kyphi is a compound incense that was used in ancient Egypt for religious and medical purposes. The earliest reference to Kyphi is found in the Pyramid Texts, a collection of religious texts dating to the Old Kingdom. The oldest of the texts have been dated to 2400-2300 BCE. Burn to invoke Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, during night rituals, and as a general magical incense. Made on the day and in the hour of the Moon. .5oz 14g
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Customer Reviews

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Tracy O.

This incense feels as if it was created to help us go back in time to the days of our Ancestors, to a moist and heavy Mother Earth. I use Kyphi when I am looking for ancient connection. It is heavy and thick in scent and experience though not in smoke. I have gifted this incense to friends at Samhuinn. It is a beautiful mixture of longing and peace.

Amanda D.

I ordered a custom item, and it arrived less than a week after it was made! Shop owner was exceedingly informative, answered all questions that I had, and communicated quickly. I will absolutely work with him again, and look forward to working with these beautiful, high quality products.


The Kyphi is amazing....this was my first time ordering at this store and 10/10 I recommend

Marie C.

I am a big fan of Ancient Egypt and this Kyphi is worthy of this ancient civilization.


Hard to find item, as advertised, excellent quality, fast shipping