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Moon Anointing Oil

Moon Anointing Oil

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Use this oil to anoint candles, charms, talismans, ritual tools, and your body during any working to draw in lunar influences, or for spells involving feminine forces, cycles, generation, intuition, fertility, during psychic work, and rituals involving the home, or when working with lunar gods, angelic beings, intelligences, and other lunar entities. Made on the day and in the hour of the Moon.

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Customer Reviews

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Carlie V.

Items were shipped quickly, and the oil smells wonderful! I'll be using it in new moon and full moon rituals, and for when I want to feel connected to feminine/goddess energy. I think it will be very powerful. However, even if you simply want an oil that smells nice and refreshing, this will do the trick!


My new favorite oils shop. Grear customer service and an excellent product. I ordered all the planetary oils and the original Abr Melin oil and I am extremely satisfied with my purchases. Highly recommend this shop.

Sandi L.

Haven’t used it yet, but knowing how his products are made, I’m sure it’s awesome!


5 stars